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Triton TR-21 - The Triton TR-21XHP "IS" the absolute dream machine (ride, speed, fishability) of high performance bass boats. Any way that you might want to measure a boat, this one stands alone. For me the ride in extremely bad weather conditions is huge. This Triton is the only boat in about 25 years of fishing bass tournaments that hasn't hurt me or made me wonder if I might wind up in the hospital. The ride of all the others, and I've been in quite a few, has been at one time or another in certain weather conditions brutal punishment on my body. If you've fished tournaments very long you know what I'm talking about.

A few more comments about the 21X..I call this boat the "Last of the Summerford hulls". A longtime friend of mine of about 30 years, Roark Summerford, was "THE MAN" responsible for the design of Tritons since day one. He has retired and is no longer with the company. This says nothing as far as the future goes for Triton only that Roark's not there to put his stamp of approval on the boat. Triton has always built a quality boat but what separated it, in my opinion, was the combination of best ride, speed and fishability. Roark has that special gift to make boats run fast and smooth and that's what I like. Others may want to sacrifice some speed for other comforts which is what the X2 does. It's personal preference.

The 250 ProXS Mercury Optimax is simply a great match for this boat, and in my opinion the best engine built for a bass boat. Besides it's trouble free high performance attributes, I really appreciate it's fuel efficiency. It's about 3 times more fuel efficient than the EFI's. Even though going fast has never impressed me very much, going fast in this rig is just fun because of what I said about the ride. Much better than any ride at Six Flags! Top speed so far 82 gps..almost 6200rpm..27 Tempest plus...with Trophy 27..rpm little over 6000..84 gps..air temp 54...prop shaft 1 1/2 in. below pad..Manual jack plate - 12" Hydro Dynamics Magnum Rapid Jack..me, 4 batteries and 1/2 tank gas...FUEL - one bottle of RPX, one bottle of Mercury fuel stabilizer and 25 gallons of regular 87 octane, usually at Sam's, every time I get gas. Note: Humminbird 997 sidefinder only reads in whole numbers at high speed so it's somewhere between 84.0 and 84.9. UPDATE..04.28.08..upgraded software can now read in tenth of mph...tried a 28P Trophy and hit 84.0 but still going a little over 6000 rpm.

This boat was rigged by North Texas Marine. Be sure to see them when you're in the market for a Triton.

Here's really neat way to lock prop on engine. I've looked at just about everything made and didn't like any of them. This adjustable locking cable, the only one I've ever seen, is called the Python by MasterLock..made with 3/8, cut resistant braided steel cable and wouldn't be real easy to cut. I picked it up on ebay for about $15. I think they retail for about $30. Obviously handy for locking all kinds of things. Since writing this saw them at Wal-Mart for $16.73.

Here's quick and easy way to check engine height. What you want to know is the relationship of bottom of the pad to the center of the prop shaft. You need a straight edge that doesn't flex and some way to pin it against bottom of the pad. I used a 6' piece of steel, 3/8" wide, channeled shelving bracket (straight and no flex) from Home Depot and pined it against the pad by using a long 2x4. It's quick and easy to adjust. Then put engine at 90 degrees to end of straight edge and measure. In these pictures I'm about 1" below pad (top of bracket to center of shaft).

Here's something you might find interesting. This is a 2002 TR-21 with 225 Optimax that I used to own. Engine now has 420 hours. Until I replaced the jackplate the best it would ever do is around 73-75. After installing the 12" Hydrodynamics rapid jack and using the same prop as on the 21X above, 27P Trophy, I got 79.4 gps (1/2 tank gas, 4 batteries, and me).

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